The 6 Gifts You Need to Buy this Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again and you’ll need to have a nice list of gifts ready for the Cyber Monday deals. Here are the best and brightest in gift giving for the 2015 holiday season!

 1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (32 GB)


With just about everybody on the planet owning a cell phone, you probably know someone who could use an upgrade (or two!). The Galaxy S6 Edge is still pretty new on the scene in the tech world, but it’s not new enough to cost you the original $1,000 or more that it cost when it first came on the market. With a slew of great features, apps, and a beautiful design, anyone receiving this phone from you will be overjoyed at the gift and will appreciate you every time they play a game, use an app, make a call, send a text, or check their email!

Price range: $600 – $800

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2. Levin Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset


Maybe your friends and family members already have a phone that they love–and maybe your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase people entirely new phones (totally understandable). The Levin Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset has held steady at 4 stars on Amazon even though nearly 150 people have left customer reviews. Even though the headset is meant to be used during workouts, the added durability will be helpful for anyone on a daily basis, regardless of their activity level. This gift will help keep people’s hands free so they can take calls or listen to music without the bother  of a cord, the awkwardness of a single-ear unit, and the burden of having to keep hold of their phone. Giving this item as a gift offers the receiver greater freedom and flexibility in their daily lives–and they’ll love you for it!

Price Range: $25 – $35

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3. Acer Chromebook (2GB)


With students leaving home and going back to college, work that needs to be done on-the-go, and vacations that people want to take with their technology by their side, the portable and affordable Acer Chromebook is a perfect fit! With over 1,300 shoppers keeping the Chromebook rated at 4.5 stars, you can rest assured that you’re giving someone a great product at a fantastic price! Keep in mind that the Chromebook is going to be used best for doing web-based tasks and not so much for storing a lot of files in its standard form. If you know the recipient of your gift will need to store lots of files (an author, for example), just be sure to sign them up for secure online storage or purchase a high-capacity flash drive to go along with the Chromebook.

Price Range: $120 to $190

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4. Kindle Fire HD 6


One of the best-selling Kindles in existence, the Kindle Fire HD 6 will delight anyone who receives it from you. The Fire HD 6 maintains a 4.5 star rating across nearly 23,000 reviews! The Kindle is the perfect tablet for avid readers and tablet gamers. They’ll love watching videos on plane rides, reading books while sitting in a waiting room, or keeping their kids entertained while they shop, drive, or nap!

Price Range: $60 – $80

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5. Xbox One with Kinect


The newest iteration of the Microsoft console is neck-and-neck with Sony’s PlayStation 4. I emphasize getting Xbox One with Kinect for 2 very simple reasons. First, adding Kinect into the mix allows for the recipient of this wonderful gift to have access to far more games and features of the Xbox One as opposed to not having Kinect. Second, Kinect helps people who love video gaming overcome a huge problem: sedentary lifestyles. Sitting a playing video games encourages obesity and makes the need for working out at home or a gym a bigger burden (which means it is less likely to get done). However, Kinect helps to get people up and moving while they’re overcoming challenges, scoring points, and having a blast. This is especially important for children growing up today when so many of their parents and older siblings are struggling with the side effects of obesity, such as diabetes, sleep apnea, depression, and heart disease. When you get a console with someone that includes Kinect, be sure to get them a Kinect game to go along with any other games you buy for them to help encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Price Range: $300 and up

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6. Fire TV


Out of all the listed gifts this year, this one will change people’s lives the most. Not only will they have full access to thousands of streaming channels and streaming music and videos, they could be saving literally thousands of dollars by having this device instead of going to a cable television provider in order to watch television or access movie channels. As an added bonus, they would still be able to access their local channels for emergency notices and local news and weather. There’s no reason in the world not to get anyone (and, for the price, maybe everyone) you know set up with Fire TV this Christmas so that they will thank you for years to come!

Price Range: $25 – $140

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$4.99 – $9.99

Of course, no holiday list would be complete without good literature, right?

Whether you download it onto their Kindle for them or buy them a paperback copy, you must give proper consideration to this 5-star-rated collection of poetry and lyrics. Starting at $4.99 for the download and $9.99 for the print copy, this is a great stocking stuffer, perfect for Secret Santa when you have to stay under a certain dollar amount, or great for new homeowners who need to fill up bookshelves or adorn their coffee tables.

Click here to get a copy right now!


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