Book Review: A Moment of Silence

This is a powerful piece of literature (along with the rest of the series) that rattled my mindset in all the right places.



Sistah Souljah has done it again. Midnight’s 3rd installment, A Moment of Silence, follows Midnight’s trials related to juggling his first wife, babies on the way, his second wife, and the protection of his mother and younger sister.

If you never thought that you could love, respect, and admire a murderer, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The entire series of books is a fantastic read for adults and teens alike. Even as a grown woman, I found myself reexamining some of my perceptions about humanity, masculinity, and even self-respect as I was able to view the world through the lens of a character like Midnight.

I felt shamed by the level of discipline in various areas of life that this 16 “years young” boy displayed that I don’t think I could ever exhibit and was inspired by the depths of the love he felt–and openly expressed–for his loved ones.

I think that, were there more teenagers (not just Black, not just Muslim, not just male) in general who carried themselves half as responsibly as Midnight does (owning a business, supporting his family emotionally and financially, protecting his privacy, maintaining his personal boundaries, etc.) the world might be in much better shape than we see it in today.

I commend Midnight, and Sistah Souljah for creating him, and will be sure to strive to be more like him in the future. That’s how this book has changed me. Don’t miss out on a chance to have your spirit opened as well!



Grab a Kindle copy of Feign while you’re at it! If you like books that move, inspire, and entertain you, you can’t go wrong with Feign and A Moment of Silence!


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