FACT: Reading Part of Healthier Work Habits

A recent article in the Daily Herald by Joyce E. A. Russell outlines how pushing ourselves too hard at work can actually make us less productive! One of several solutions to the problem of working too hard is…wait for it…wait for it…READING! 😀


The key to refreshing your mind and body at work is doing things that aren’t related to work. For instance, you might think that switching from doing payroll tasks to answering emails is helpful, but you’re still working. Your brain hasn’t gotten out of “work mode” at all. Moving from a schizophrenic client’s documentation to an alcoholic client’s documentation is also not helpful.

Instead, try doing other things that you enjoy and that energize your body and relax your mind. These will be different things for different people, but here are some things to try, including suggestions from Russell’s article:

  • Take a nap
  • Take a walk
  • READ A BOOK (my personal favorite ^_^!)
  • Call a friend who isn’t working and talk about non-work stuff
  • Play a video game or board game
  • Clean out your car
  • Try a new kind of food for lunch
  • Start planning a vacation

Doing these things can give your body and mind a break from “work mode” so that when you do return to your desk or the assembly line, you’re a refreshed, energized, and more productive worker!

Article: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151213/business/151219923/


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