3 Reasons You Need Post-It Page Markers

‘Feign’ Post-It page markers are fantastic for lots of reasons. But theseĀ 3 are only for bookworms!


1. Keep Your EXACT Place

Besides just marking which particular page you might be on, with a small, sticky piece of paper that can easily be repositioned, you can mark the exact line on the page where you left off. This makes picking a book back up after a long break a much smoother process.


2. Mark Ideas for Later

Did the author mention a particular dish from an obscure country that you want to try to make yourself? Want to do more research on what kind of car a protagonist drives? Not 100% certain a word was used in the correct context? Flag it, continue the story, and come back to it when you take a more natural break. Don’t spend your precious reading time pausing to check your phone for Wikipedia articles about something. Save it for when you are ready to leave the story for a little while any way.


3. Share The Love

If you have a particular phrase, line, or passage in a book that you adore, flag it with a Post-It page marker so that you can share it all across your social media profiles when you finish reading for the day.


Any of these uses for Post-It page markers can help you hold on to the aspects of a book that you love without bringing your enjoyment of the story to a complete stop.


Get your hands on a copy of ‘Feign’ and you’ll have a lot of flagging to do!

Book Feign


When a reader comments that ‘Feign’ “took me there” you must know you’re in for an amazing read!


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