Book Review: “The First Wife” by Erica Spindler

A solid thriller with enough mushiness to rot your teeth!


I’m not gonna lie–I almost put this book down. As someone who has not traditionally enjoyed romance novels, the way Baily and Logan’s relationship began was a bit much for me. Too love-at-first-sight-can’t-live-without-him-let’s-get-married-after-knowing-each-other-for-3-weeks saccharine!  Blech!

What tugged me through was the underlying mystery and suspense. Ever so slowly, I found myself wanting to know more about Bailey’s hospitalization and the circumstances of the death that took place. As more details began to arise, in true master mystery writer fashion, there were only more questions and confusion until the stunning truth cleared the fog.

I’ll give Spindler credit, I did not see the true villain coming. I gasped when I read it, about as shocked as Bailey was when she realized it.

There were a few grammatical errors and other mistakes. While I noticed them, I can’t say they detracted too much from the tale itself, except for one particular passage on page 183 (hardback):

Bailey went cold. “But she drowned– Wait, are you saying…he pushed her overboard?”

She was, but refused to say more. Within minutes, Bailey was walking her out to her truck. Stephanie climbed in, then looked back at Bailey. “Talk to Logan.”

It will.

No wonder he didn’t tell me. But in a way I’m relieved. Things make sense now, some things anyway. And certainly, Raine’s behavior.”

I tried to figure out what Spindler could have meant to write here, but gave up after a few brain-busting minutes. What “will”? And the paragraph starting with “No wonder” had to have been meant as Bailey’s thoughts, not something she said, so why does it end in a quotation? I’ll chalk that up to a typo. Or maybe I’m just not as sharp as I used to be. If you get to this part of the book (at the very end of chapter 38) and decipher it, please let me know in the comments!


It’s a nice quick read if you want to give your mind some exercise and get your blood pumping. It’ll be an even better read for romance novel enthusiasts. Just make sure you don’t read it while sitting alone in your car on the side of a road… 😀


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