I.E. ‘Don’t Parent Like a Dork’

“You’re Perfect…And Other Lies Parents Tell” may be just what the doctor ordered for parents who are struggling with (seemingly) unmanageable kids.


In You’re Perfect… And Other Lies Parents Tell: The Ugly Truth About Spoiling Your Kids, Coombs delineates how modern parents are unwittingly raising entitled children who are ill-equipped to become productive, empathetic, law-abiding young adults. In short, the “cool” parents are raising “cold” kids.

“The ugly truth parents need to face is that telling your children that they are perfect and shielding them from the consequences of their actions while insisting that every child gets a first-place trophy is not good parenting,” says Coombs. You’re Perfect… is the urgent wake-up call that the parents of the “Me Generation” so desperately need, and the easy-to-implement information within its pages could change the course of millions of young lives for the better.

You’re Perfect… is your crash course in real-world parenting and will teach you:

– The dangers you may be exposing your child to

– How to transform your child’s self-entitlement into self-control

– How to get your children to treat you with respect

– The warning signs indicating your child is at risk for delinquency

– How to tackle drug and alcohol problems

– When to invade your child’s privacy

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